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Jorge Pedroso

Jorge has been programming for 10 years and now he thinks he knows something about how people interact with computers and where pixels should go.


Rúben Cabaço

Rúben loves to code listening to hard rock. His stubbornness is inversely proportional to the amount of beer involved. He will be seen riding a Harley someday.


Metaclassy is an app development and design studio based in Coimbra, Portugal. Jorge bootstrapped Metaclassy in May 2010 and Rúben joined in January 2011. Jorge and Rúben met in college 8 years ago and have been working together since then, including a 3-year interlude in the enterprise world between college and our independent careers.

All our work is focused on Mac and iOS platforms and we are fortunate enough to work full-time on products we are truly passionate about. Currently, that product is Byword for Mac.

We are very proud to have our work featured by Apple a few times on the Mac App Store front-page, including in Showcase banners, New & Noteworthy and Staff Favorites.